The Light Bringer by Janie Marie

The Gods & Monsters Trilogy – Book 2

Notes: This book contains details of sexual, emotional, and mental abuse. The author herself has added trigger warnings for abuses, violence, and controversial themes. My reviews contain small spoilers that outline the plot rather than divulge the full story.

To say this trilogy became an emotional roller-coaster is not an apt description. These books have torn me down and made me cry, then made me laugh through the tears, and break a little more, before rebuilding my broken heart.

It took me four days to get through the first two books but took four days total for this one. This is mostly because I wasn’t ready for the story to come to an end and wanted to drag it out as long as possible. I’m incredibly sad that it is over.

After Lucifer stole her darkness and hands Jane to Death; we are pulled into Light Bringer to find Jane is home with David where she feels happy and loved, but this is short-lived as she reveals details of her time spent in Hell. Unable to process his emotions David leaves the kingdom, leaves Jane.

Unwilling to watch her deteriorate into herself again; her Angel of Death bestows a gift for her in the form of an old face from her childhood. Yet, even that bittersweet moment is ruined when all hell breaks loose around the reunion. Once again Jane is forced again to pick up her sword and fight, only now without her dark abilities.

The first great fight of The Light Bringer is, in my opinion, the unholy version of HBO’s ‘Battle of the Bastards’. I was entirely unable to stop reading, my adrenaline pumping and giving a lot of Atta-Girl‘s while also falling desperately for the Angel of Death myself.

Janie Marie’s mid-battle introduction of new players plus the decimation of older ones left me with just one thought – How am I going to pull through when I finish this trilogy? The answer to that thought was ice-cream.

Usually, the ‘big reveals’ are put into the last 20 or so pages in most books, but not in The Light Bringer. The answer to all the questions, the revelations, and the reason behind so much heartache for Jane took up the last 30% and during the final battle with darkness.

Admittedly it took me a while to get my head around so much information, Janie Marie leaves quite a bit on the reader to absorb and make sense of. The only complaint I have with the ending is the time leaps themselves. I’m not sure if it’s to do with my copy (even though it was through Kindle Unlimited itself) but there’s very little formatting to show where one encounter ends and the next begins. Not even a paragraph break in some cases. I don’t fault the author but the proofreaders and editor should have noted this before publication.

To summarize this entire journey with Jane, I definitely recommend that everyone grabs a copy of this set of books. The story is compelling, relatable for some, and the cover artwork by Thander Lin is to die for. So much so that I have it set as my current phone background.

Even when you do get lost in darkness, which I know is your pain and past, you are meant to conquer it. You may not be able to now, but I have faith in you. I believe only one who has experienced the darkest of nights can find the strength to turn night into day.

Check below to find out where to get your copies. With that said here is a quote that I found incredible.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Where to buy:

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