Gods & Monsters by Janie Marie

The Gods & Monsters Trilogy – Book 1

Notes: This book contains details of sexual, emotional, and mental abuse. The author herself has added trigger warnings for abuses, violence, and controversial themes. My reviews contain small spoilers that outline the plot rather than divulge the full story.

Honestly, I’m not sure where to begin. I loved it from the get-go. Jane’s character is so well fleshed out that my heart aches a little for the author. To be so aware and descriptive of the inner turmoil that comes with anxiety, depression, and PTSD show a true understanding that is unfortunately footed within experience. Usually, I’m frustrated by main characters being weak, about them always needing help and support, about requiring a person to hold them up and keep them going but this book touched me because it resonated so deeply within my own heart.

This book isn’t for the faint-hearted. It details her childhood abuse, familial neglect, and spousal gas-lighting to the point he made her feel crazy. She feels extreme guilt for finding even a moment of happiness in a world that is rapidly changing around her.

Gods & Monsters is set in the modern-day. Jane is a shell of a human being with an emotionally abusive spouse and in a very unhappy marriage. One that she cannot walk away from because the happiness of her children comes before her own. Her twisted sense of loyalty towards her abuser is rooted in incidences of childhood trauma that have shaped her co-dependence of him.

A viral outbreak initially thought to be a dangerous flu pandemic, turns out to be turning people into mindless, flesh-eating zombies across the world. Jane and her family barricade themselves in their home and essentially become sitting ducks until one night Jane sees an incident that leaves soldiers dead right across the street. An urge to do something has her leaving her home without thinking of her own safety. This is the first we see of Jane’s hidden strength and her need to protect those she loves. She begins to regularly leave her home and scout for survival necessities over the next few months as a team of elite soldiers make their way south from Canada securing territories on their way.

The soldiers in question are none other than King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Only these knights are something entirely different. As infection drains the life and humanity from Jane she is rescued by a handsome soldier the only way he knows how. Finding herself now a new breed of monster, Jane is forced to navigate her burgeoning abilities while also sharing a bond with not just one but two men that her soul is somehow tied to. Two men who can suppress the entity that resides within her when it overtakes and unleashes mayhem. Two men who can guide her on her path to defeating the darkness.

This book turns everything you knew about Knights, Kings, Gods, Angels, and Demons on its head. The people you’ve always believed to be the bad guys maybe aren’t so bad after all, and true love is never as simple as we’ve been lead to believe.

The balance between heavy, gut-wrenching chapters and the snatched happy ones is perfect. Just when you’re almost out of tears to cry Janie Marie brings in comedy that will have your tears renewed and your sides aching.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

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